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From the Beginning Piano Lessons helps passionate and dedicated individuals learn basic piano techniques and how to finesse their favorite songs they want to play.

Why You Should Register in My Piano Classes

Learn at Your Own Pace

When you enroll in my piano classes, you have the freedom to play your favorite songs and review the previous lessons when needed. I offer online sessions, making it easy and convenient for you to learn how to play the piano in the comfort of your home.

An Awesome Library To Work With

The library has a rating system to help you learn how to play your favorite songs in the most effective way. Learning piano should be about having fun, and thats what my lessons strive to do.

Fast Track Piano Lessons

I created my own fast track way of teaching piano for beginners and aspiring pianists. This will help you learn how to play in a fun and timely manner. Check out the following guidelines below to see what your online lessons cover.

What is Covered in My Lessons

  • 1 Learn the 12 major and minor triad chords.
  • 2 Go through the hit songs on the key song list and familiarize yourself with the songs ranked number one & two. In your spare time, try to listen to all the songs in the library. Then, rank the songs that you would like to play. You can use YouTube to access the songs for free. I mostly use the recordings of the original artist from their original LPs on YouTube and iTunes.
  • 3 We will start learning songs that are ranked *1 and *2 (first number). Many *4 songs are pretty easy to learn since they just have one seventh chord in them. The second rating number further helps students zoom in on the level of difficulty. You will also learn inversions, the different ways you can place the notes in a chord. I will teach you how to play inversions in the same “neighborhood” and how to modulate up and down depending on where the singer takes the song.
  • 4 Start learning more songs ranked *1 & *2 (first number), which are major & minor triads. As you learn to play these songs, you will see what chord inversions sound better in each song. I will teach you the major scales and some proper piano fingering techniques.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5 Proceed to the major sevenths, dominant sevenths, minor sevenths, diminished sevenths, augmented, and suspended chords. After learning the major and minor chords, these will be much easier for you. I also cover sight reading.
  • 6 Start learning songs ranked *3 and *4, which along with *1 and *2 covers the whole library of songs. Playing songs will help you develop your rhythm and inversions as you learn to play the piano.
  • 7

    Make Lessons Fun

    You will be able to create your own library of songs you like to play and hear. This will increase your enjoyment and drive to practice even more.
    I feel my lessons offer the best way to achieve a high level of piano playing in the shortest amount of time with the most fun as you learn.