Home Piano Lessons

Do you want to learn how to play the piano in the comfort of your own home? From the Beginning Piano Lessons has the solution for you. I offer home piano lessons online that people at any skill level can take advantage of. Whether you want to learn all about musical theory or you just want to learn to play your favorite songs, my online easy piano lessons can help.

My Piano Lessons

I have created my own unique way to teach aspiring pianists to learn how to comfortably play many songs in a timely manner. My lessons cover:

  • The twelve major and minor triad chords
  • Hit songs from my library of popular music
  • Inversions and different modulations
  • Major scales and piano fingering techniques
  • Major sevenths, minor sevenths, dominant sevenths, diminished sevenths, suspended, and augmented chords
  • More songs of variable difficulty

The best part is that you get to create your own library of songs that you want to learn to play. While I will help you play certain songs that will quickly enhance your skills, you can choose to learn ones that you love.

My online lessons are one-on-one and are recorded so you can go back and review any lessons that you need to at any time. I want you to learn at your own pace and feel comfortable with the lessons.

Through my experience, the lessons I provide are one of the quickest and most fun ways to learn the piano. You will learn all of the necessary basics and fundamentals through drills and finesse techniques so that you can play a wide range of your favorite songs.

I have over a decade of experience tabbing and playing songs on the piano, and I love teaching students how to play as well. Sign up for my home piano lessons today and learn this helpful skill.